Company Profile
Hin Sang Group (International) Holding Co. Ltd. (stock code: 6893) is mainly engaged in the business of children’s healthcare, Chinese medicines and traditional Chinese medical related projects. Since its establishment in 1996, its business has expanded to cover Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and South East Asia, and it is actively developing its brands and products to meet the demands of the mother-infant healthcare market.

Brand Development
Currently, the Group manages nine self-owned brands and 13 agency brands, covering a series of personal care, skincare, healthcare and slimming products. On top of its self-developed brands, the Group continues to introduce top brands from renowned industry members to satisfy customers’ needs.

Children’s Healthcare
In April 2016, the Group introduced Fullshare Holdings Limited (stock code: 607) as its second-largest shareholder. The two parties will establish a joint-venture company to develop children’s hospitals and children’s treatment centers. Such facilities will commence operation in Mainland China, Hong Kong and the Asian region, where Hin Sang products will be sold as well.

Medicine Manufacturing
Tai Wo Tong Pharmaceutical (Hong Kong) Company Limited, a member of the Group, holds a Manufacturer License in Proprietary Chinese Medicines. It provides advanced manufacturing and testing facilities for healthcare and food products. It has also acquired a number of Certificates of Registration of Proprietary Chinese Medicine. The Group will continue to consider developing and acquiring production plants and facilities for further expansion of the medicine manufacturing business.

By setting up a joint-venture company, specifically, Hin Fai International Holding Company Limited, the Group is expanding its cross-border e-commerce business to reach customers throughout Mainland China. And with strategic partnerships with major online platforms and mother-infant websites, the Group is strengthening its marketing activities and influence in the region.